5 Facts You May Not Know About Misdiagnoses

Published on Feb 14, 2019 at 4:16 pm in Medical Malpractice.

It can be harrowing to know you have a medical issue. But when you go to the doctor, you know that you’re taking a step in the right direction. However, medical errors do occur and unfortunately can severely hurt patients. Mistakes can happen when pharmacists, nurses, or surgeons are negligent. There are also instances where hospitals make administrative errors that could give medical professionals incorrect or incomplete medical information that could lead to an error that harms patients.

You can make a medical malpractice claim with the help of Prince Law Firm in Illinois. A misdiagnosis can lead to expensive injuries and damages that could need further treatment and possibly keep you out of work for an indeterminate amount of time. You deserve compensation for what you’ve been through that will help cover the costs of your medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Citizens in Illinois deserve to know that their rights will be protected if they’re wrongfully injured. Our experienced lawyers are well-versed in medical negligence law and know what it takes to get you the compensation you need. While these cases are complex, we’re ready to put in the work needed to prove that you were a victim.

Medical Misdiagnosis Facts You Should Be Aware Of

When you’ve been wrongfully diagnosed, the prospect can be overwhelming. You’re worrying about not getting to the root of the problem the first time and if there has been any damage from not treating it. There’s also the added worry of if the treatment for your misdiagnosis did any additional harm to your existing injury or illness.

It’s common that you may wonder at what point during the medical process that the mistake happened and how. You may want to consider these aspects:

  • An Error with the Equipment Occurred. The equipment that’s responsible for giving doctors critical information may have been faulty, and could have skewed the results or the information given. Your doctor may have proceeded under the impression that the equipment’s reading was accurate.
  • Not Enough Tests Were Performed. You’re supposed to undergo a variety of tests and checks so the doctor can rule out what’s wrong with you and find the answer. However, some may already think they have the answer without continuing further tests to get to the bottom of your health problems.
  • Human Error Affected Your Results. At nearly every step, human error could lead to a misdiagnosis. There are people who could misread tests, issues with samples given, or something was missed during a test.
  • Incomplete Meeting with Your Doctor. Your first meeting with your doctor is extremely important. You’re there to tell them everything you’re experiencing and to answer their questions as they try to get an idea of what could be ailing you. This could include information about you and your family’s medical history, your current medications, and what you’re feeling. If the doctor seemed rushed or didn’t let you finish speaking about what you were experiencing, then they won’t be able to get the entire picture. They may believe they already know what’s wrong with you and give you an incorrect diagnosis.
  • You Can Seek a Second Opinion. If you’ve been diagnosed with something, you can seek another doctor’s opinion. You may notice a difference in how they have that initial meeting, or that you undergo more tests.

It’s okay if you don’t know exactly what happened that led to your misdiagnosis. Your lawyers will do everything possible to get to the truth. We’ll investigate what happened to you so we can find what went wrong with your diagnosis. With the help of medical records, your person account, and expert witnesses, we’ll build a strong case that can’t be ignored.

Seek Justice with Prince Law Firm

We understand the stress you can be under when you’ve been wrongfully diagnosed. If your misdiagnosis has led to more injuries and damages, then you can pursue legal options. We’ll make sure your voice is heard.

The financial burden of someone else’s medical error should not fall on you. While the process can take time, we’ll fight for your fair settlement.

When you stand up for yourself, you show medical professionals that they cannot get away with harming patients. They won’t want to face another lawsuit. Your actions could potentially make them adopt better policies and procedures that protect patients and help reduce the number of medical mistakes.

To get started on your claim, give us a call today. We’re ready to help.



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