Announcing the Winner of the Prince Law Firm 2021 Scholarship

Published on Aug 17, 2021 at 7:18 pm in Firm News.

At Prince Law Firm, we’re proud to host an annual scholarship aimed to help students achieve their dreams and obtain a higher education. The Fall 2021 submission period just came to a close, and we were truly humbled by the quality applications we received. Thank you to everyone who applied! Your applications were a pleasure to read.

We’re pleased to announce we’ve chosen a winner.

Congratulations to Shahad Younis of Clarkston, Georgia!

Shahad will be attending the University of Georgia this Fall.

Here is the essay prompt:

You’re designing an area for people to live. Talk about what it’s known for, how the people are, and what the environment is like. Is it a bustling city known for technological advancements? What kind? Or is it a cozy town known for having the best local food? What’s the culture like? What do its inhabitants value and why?

Shahad’s essay:

“The smell of hot cocoa lingers in the air as snowflakes fall and people sing in the streets. As the New Year approaches, so does the annual celebratory family draft. The family draft is a chance at a new beginning for the new year. Every year, thousands of families apply for a chance to become a resident of Comforts City. Only a lucky few get accepted. Before the draft, climate change and global warming was destroying our planet at record levels. With storm surges, floods, wild fires, deforestation, and ocean acidification destroying our Earth, our overconsumption of limited, natural resources caught up to us. Our planet was not expected to be inhabitable for much longer.

The residents of Comforts City acted fast. They rid their city of fossil-fuel-infested energy sources and invested into renewable energy. Solar panels replaced rooftops across every building in Comforts City, trees were replanted in neighborhoods and parks, vegan and vegetarian options became more widely available, and education and healthcare were made accessible for all regardless of financial ability or wealth. Alternative transportation like biking and walking are encouraged and reinforced. “Green Paths,” walkways where bicyclists and pedestrians can travel, were constructed all throughout the city motivating the residents to take alternative transportation.

All cars, trucks, and buses ran on solar panels placed on the roof of them. The gated communities ensured safety among all families. Kids could once again play until dark without worrying their parents. In every backyard lies a garden, large enough to supply that family with a portion of their food supply. This reduced food transportation emissions drastically amongst the residents. Children are taught the importance of sustainability in schools. Among Comfort City’s laws, there is a zero tolerance for hate and hate crimes. Breaking laws, making other residents feel unsafe within the gates or discriminating against other citizens could get you banished from the city forever. The diversity in the city allowed cultures to flourish. Families from all diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and languages came together to form one community.

Each week, the families would come together to dance, sing, paint, and cook to represent their culture and introduce others who were unfamiliar with it. All residents lived in balance with one another. Because of our attention to sustainability and nature, animals can finally roam free without fear. Deer, birds, bogs, cats, bunnies, all live perfectly and safely among human beings. Their homes are protected by the city, as forests are replanted.

That is why the draft is so essential to the Comforts City community; the government does not choose the family but the community does. When a family applies, their application is analyzed to decide whether they would be a good fit. Would they be able to contribute to the harmony of the community? Would they feel included in all the events? Would they be able to maintain their part in reducing their carbon footprint? The draft is crucial in the survival of Comforts City. They invest in their human resources and in turn the human resources invest back. The draft continues to allow for harmony throughout the community and keeps the mechanism turning from within. Comforts City is the perfect Utopia.”


Congratulations again, Shahad! May all your dreams come true.



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