Do the Designs of JUUL E-Cigs Encourage Teens to Vape?

Published on Oct 24, 2019 at 1:12 pm in Product Liability.

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Vaping has caused serious injuries and deaths over the course of several months. As doctors try to figure out how vaping is harming so many people, others are asking questions about how vaping became so popular with younger generations. Some of the answers may be in the product’s marketing. JUUL, one of the most popular vaping companies, combined styling their device in a different way and campaigning on social media, which may have portrayed vaping in a way that would persuade younger audiences to start vaping.

As more young people were harmed, it seems that there’s more to vaping than what most people thought. Some may be exploring their legal options through litigation. Prince Law Firm in Marion, IL may be able to help you get the justice you deserve.

Understanding how the vaping injuries or illnesses happened may benefit your case. Let’s take a look at how JUUL separates itself from other vaping companies.

JUUL Design Is Different from Other Vape Devices

Vaping devices have various models. Some look like cigarettes, pens, and vape pens. JUUL took a different approach. Their product is rectangular and looks like a USB device. Because it doesn’t look like a cigarette, this could distance the association with danger for users. JUUL also focused their marketing strategy to make using their devices as a popular activity among young people.

JUUL claims their products are meant to provide an alternative to current smokers, but their advertisements would suggest differently. In a Forbes article, it said while JUUL has deleted much of their early social media presence, some groups like Stanford Research Into the Impact of Tobacco Advertising has archives of the posts. They have over 2,500 tweets and 400 posts for Facebook and Instagram. These posts comprise of mostly young models using JUUL as they’re dancing or dressed in fashionable clothing. There are also posts that refer to JUULpods as “sweet treats,” which further distances the device from the dangers of vaping. This evidence suggests JUUL was marketing to younger audiences instead of the older audience who would be looking for a smoking alternative.

Product liability lawsuits against JUUL are focusing on how they spread false information to teenagers about their product. The combination of marketing their JUULpods as “safe” and not as addictive as cigarettes along with their social media advertising vaping as a social activity that everyone is doing could have led to what is now called the youth nicotine epidemic.

Nicotine is highly addictive and difficult to quit. Signs of addiction to nicotine include:

  • Experiencing cravings
  • Feeling anxious or moody
  • Continues use because stopping is too hard

Unfortunately, nicotine’s addictive nature can put people at risk of using it for the rest of their lives. When young people use this substance, their brains may suffer from severe development issues. Nicotine can cause mood disorders or increased impulsive behavior in teens. This substance is dangerous and can cause many health complications—including cancer.

Many teens have lost their lives or are experiencing severe health problems as a result of using e-cigarettes. The lawsuits in place are seeking compensation for the harm vaping products have caused and to hold vaping companies accountable for their actions.

JUUL is pushing back and will contest these claims. If you or a loved one has been injured because of using an e-cigarette device like JUUL, the best way to give your claim the strongest chance of success is having a JUUL e-cigarette lawyer at your side.

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Experiencing health complications because of a product you may have originally believed to be safe or harmless can be overwhelming. You may have had to stay in the hospital and go through treatments in order to maintain your health. Facing medical bills, costs of future care, and missing work could put you in a financially difficult situation. That’s where we come in.

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