How Are Speed Limits Enforced for Truckers?

Published on Jul 25, 2019 at 2:04 pm in Truck Accidents.

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Truck drivers are often on the road for a long stretch of time. They’re on a schedule to get from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible and then go on to the next job. However, this doesn’t make them exempt from the rules of the road. A speeding truck can cause a significant accident that could result in serious injuries or death. But what are the penalties for speeding truckers? We’ll take a look at what can happen when a truck driver is given a speeding ticket.

Speeding Consequences for Truckers

You may wonder why truckers drive dangerously in the first place. When they’re speeding over the limit by more than 10 mph, it’s likely that they’re occupied with something else and not paying attention to the road. You’ve probably heard of texting and driving as a form of distracted driving, but truck drivers may also engage in other activities like filling out paperwork while driving. This couldn’t be more unsafe as they will likely not have their eyes on the road at all. There’s also a strong possibility that there will be times when the driver has no hands are on the wheel. In total, that’s a heavy, fast-moving vehicle and the one person in control of it isn’t doing what they’re supposed to be doing. A truck accident could easily occur from them running off the road or driving straight into oncoming traffic.

So what are the consequences when these drivers are caught? When a driver speeds over the limit by 15 mph, it’s considered a serious violation. Truckers who get a conviction on their CDL (commercial driver’s license) can face consequences. While the first offense usually operates as a warning, that is sometimes not enough. If they incur two or more within a three-year period, they can be disqualified for 60 days and if there are any more speeding violations, then the disqualification increases to 120 days.

Strict rules such as these are set in place because truckers will most likely be putting their jobs on the line if they are caught speeding and then cannot use their CDL. They have to inform their employers about what happened. Employers will not want a risky driver who cannot drive for a long amount of time and that trucker would most likely be replaced.

Truckers may also falsely believe that if they’re driving their own vehicle, it will somehow change the outcome. This isn’t true. If a truck driver has speeding violations and the next step is losing their CDL for a certain amount of time, then that is what’s going to happen.

Truck drivers must also be careful when they’re driving off the job. If they’re caught speeding driving their own car, this information must still be passed on to the employer. A risky driver is the same no matter what vehicle they’re operating. Truck drivers’ careers also take their personal driving record into account. Speeding while not in a truck can still negatively affect the insurance the employer has to pay, giving truckers additional incentive to follow the speed limit no matter what.

However, issuing a ticket isn’t the same as a conviction. If truck drivers contest tickets, they may be able to keep driving, even if they were speeding and putting others on the road at risk. So, many dangerous truck drivers could still be on the road even after being issued speeding tickets.

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Even with all these strict penalties in place, it doesn’t guarantee that all truckers will drive safely. They may decide that their schedule is more important or believe that they can get away with speeding because they haven’t been in an accident before. Unfortunately, it’s situations like this that increase the risk of truck accidents occurring.

If you’ve been in a truck accident, your injuries may be devastating, or even have permanent consequences. It’s terrible to think about how one person’s negligence led to this upheaval of your life, but this doesn’t mean you’re out of options. You can pursue justice through the legal system. A skilled truck accident lawyer from Prince Law Firm will fight for you to get fair compensation for your injuries. We’ll make sure the negligent truck driver is held accountable for their actions. Those who drive dangerously should not be able to continue to do so and need to face consequences for endangering the lives of others.

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