Mark Prince Appointed to Serve on the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Advisory Board

Published on Jun 25, 2024 at 6:30 pm in Firm News.

Mark Prince Appointed to Serve on the Illinois Workers' Compensation Advisory Board

Prince Law Firm is proud to announce that its founding partner, Mark D. Prince, will serve on the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Advisory Board (WCAB). This prestigious honor marks a substantial milestone in his career. Recently, Governor JB Pritzker bestowed the designation, which showcases Mark D. Prince’s commitment and experience in personal injury law.

Background on the Workers’ Compensation Advisory Board

The Illinois Workers Compensation Advisory Board is part of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (IWCC). Over the years, it has helped create policies, address concerns, and settle administrative matters within the IWCC.

Before making any appointment, the Governor requests that the Workers’ Compensation Advisory Board makes recommendations for new appointments. This year, Mark D. Prince was called to serve on behalf of the injured workers in the state.

This Board has representatives serving the interests of employees and employers. Prince Law Firm, the Illinois AFL-CIO, Horwitz Horwitz & Associates, Painters District Council #30, SMART Local 265, and Laborers’ International Union also work as employee advocates.

While Knell Law LLC, Illinois Manufacturers’ Association, Illinois Retail Merchants Association, Illinois Health and Hospital Association, and Hennessy & Roach, P.C are employer representatives.

Mark D. Prince’s commitment to personal injury cases in the state makes him an ideal candidate for this influential position. His dedication will contribute to the Board’s effectiveness in handling all workers’ compensation matters in Illinois.

A Distinguished Career of Service

Throughout his career, Mark has dedicated himself to advocating for individuals who have been hurt through the negligent or reckless actions of others. From slips and falls to workers’ compensation claims, Prince Law Firm has handled a wide variety of these cases. He has always been relentless in the pursuit of justice for injury victims and their family members.

No matter the case, Mark D. Prince makes sure that everyone receives the highest level of legal representation, whether it is considered a large lawsuit or a small case. These individuals deserve justice under any circumstances. His commitment to his clients and professional accomplishments have made him a respected figure in the Illinois legal community.

However, this is not the only accolade that Mark has received over the years. He has served for over a decade on the Executive Committee of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association (ITLA). This position is another achievement demonstrating his leadership skills and experience in legal advocacy. While serving on the ITLA Executive Committee, Mark helped to advance legislation to ensure the rights of injured victims remained protected in the state.

Committed to Legal Advocacy Throughout Illinois

With this appointment to the Board, Mark D. Prince will continue to advocate for all injured workers across the state and address their needs. With his assistance, the Board can work towards creating better solutions and policies for the workers’ compensation system in Illinois.

However, Mark D. Prince’s personal injury legal work will not end with this appointment. He is still ready to defend the rights of all injured parties in the Land of Lincoln.



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