Do Car Drivers Cause Most Motorcycle Accidents?

Published on Mar 14, 2019 at 6:34 pm in Motorcycle Accidents.

When one is on the road, it’s typical to see other cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Of those three, motorcyclists tend to have a reputation for danger. While the stereotype isn’t fair, motorcycle wrecks do tend to be more severe because of the lack of protection. Riders are more susceptible to dangerous injuries. If these injuries were caused by someone else, then they need representation who will fight for their rights. Prince Law Firm in Illinois can help those who were wrongfully injured with a motorcycle accident claim.

We understand the precarious situation that a motorcycle wreck can lead to. Because the injuries are more likely to be severe, you will need reliable attorneys who will fight for the compensation you deserve. Your medical bills could be high and you will probably have to miss work because of the accident. We’re here to look at  what happened to you, show that the guilty party is responsible for your injuries, and fight for you to get a settlement that will cover what the accident cost you in damages.

When Cars Are Involved in Motorcycle Wrecks

An article looked at the relationship between cars and motorcycles in accident situations. It was found that cars cause most of the accidents when a motorcycle is involved.

You may be wondering what leads to these accidents. The biggest factor right now is distracted driving from motorists. People in cars have access to their cell phones, one of the major reasons distracted driving occurs. When a cell phone rings or indicates that there’s a notification, people tend to reach for it, regardless of how dangerous it is. It’s unfortunate because people are taking their lives and others into their hands when they text and drive.

When people are looking at their phones, they have no idea what’s happening in front of them. So, if a motorcyclist pulled in front of them or made a lane change, the driver may still think they have an empty lane in front. If that biker needs to stop, then the driver may not look up until it’s too late and hit the back of the motorcycle.

Texting and driving also leads to side swipes. A person using their phone will not likely continue to drive in a straight line. If a motorcyclist is in the lane next to them, the driver could swerve over and hit the biker. Sideswipes may cause merely cosmetic damages to cars, but can be deadly to bikers. The car can throw the biker off balance, and cause the rider to fall off their bike. At high speeds, this can be extremely dangerous.

The article also looked at motorcyclists involved in single-vehicle accidents. It’s likely for a motorcycle accident to just involve the biker themselves. This could occur from taking a turn too fast or losing control of the bike.

But this doesn’t mean that motorcyclists are inherently reckless and are the ones at fault when they’re in an accident. Those who drive cars mat not be used to motorcyclists and this inexperience can lead to devastating accidents.

Motorcyclists are also more difficult to see for car drivers. Someone behind the wheel of a car may be accustomed to looking for other cars, which are much bigger, but are not used to checking for motorcyclists. During turns at intersections, merging, and lane changes, this can be deadly for motorcyclists.

It can be difficult for drivers to gauge how fast a motorcyclist is going and how much space is in between them. If a person in a car thinks that the motorcyclist is going slower than they actually are, or is further away when they’re not, then the result could be an accident.

There is encouragement for drivers to look carefully for motorcyclists while driving, and motorcyclists are also trying to be more visible. Instead of the typical black leather jacket, bikers are encouraged to wear bright, reflective clothing that will easily clue other drivers of their location on the road and will likely reduce the chances of an accident occurring.

Prince Law Firm Can Offer Legal Aid

Neglectful drivers need to be held accountable for their actions. When you bring a claim forward, you’re showing them that their behavior wasn’t acceptable and you deserve a settlement that will cover what they’ve caused you. If you hold them accountable, they may think twice the next time before engaging in reckless driving activity and you could potentially stop this from happening to someone else.

It’s important to act quickly in motorcycle wreck cases. Get in touch with us and we’ll set up a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys who will be able to help you with your claim.



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