Recent Notable Jury Verdicts

  • Estate of Lowell Williamson v. Heartland Regional Medical Center. Lowell Williamson died as a result of the negligence of his anesthesiologist and Heartland Regional Medical Center. Mr. Williamson went in for a rather straight-forward shoulder surgery and due to mistakes made by the anesthesiology team, he died. A Williamson County, Illinois jury in March 2019 awarded the family damages in the amount of $8,500,000.00. This was a record-setting verdict for Williamson County. The Defendants paid the verdict and did not appeal.
  • Estate of Brett McDaniel v. Paducah Ambulance Service. Thirteen-year-old Brett McDaniel was riding his bicycle in Golconda, Illinois, when he entered an intersection and was struck by an ambulance. The ambulance company vigorously contested that it was not at fault. After a two-week trial during the summer of 2015 in Pope County, Illinois, the jury ruled in favor of our client and awarded $2,000,000.00 to our client. The jury felt that young Brett was 40% at fault so the final net judgment was for $1,200,000.00. This was a record-setting verdict for Pope County, Illinois. The Defendant paid the verdict and did not appeal.

Recent Notable Settlements

  • Confidential $5,200,000.00 Product Liability Settlement in Jackson County, Illinois.  At the request of our client, I have agreed not to use their name. This case involved an attempt to use a tow strap tied to a bobcat to remove a tree stump. The strap broke causing the clevice-fastening device to boomerang and strike our client in the head. Our client suffered a very severe head injury. After contested litigation, the case settled for $4,000,000.00. In addition, the workers’ compensation carrier waived its workers compensation lien in the amount of $1,200,000.00.
  • Confidential $6,900,000.00 Trucking Collision Settlement in Williamson County, Illinois. At the request of our client, I have agreed not to use their name. This case involved a rear-end collision on Interstate 57. The semi-truck rear-ended my client and caused debilitating injuries. After much litigation, my client agreed to a $6,900,000.00 settlement.
  • Confidential $3,500,000.00 Trucking Collision Settlement in Williamson County, Illinois. At the request of our client, I have agreed not to use their name. As too often happens on Interstate 57, the at-fault semi-truck driver rear-ended my client. This case settled for $3,500,000.00 after lengthy litigation.
  • Haynes v (Confidential Defendant) $2,000,000.00 Trucking Collision Settlement in Williamson County, Illinois. This case is under a confidentiality order so we cannot disclose the name of the Defendant beverage company. The Defendant’s driver crossed the median on Interstate 57 and struck the van in which my client was a passenger. After very contested litigation, this case resolved for $2,000,000.00.

Recent Notable Appellate Decisions

  • Acuity Insurance Company v. Gean, et. al., 8th Circuit of Appeals, No. 18-1735, decided July 12, 2019).  In this case, we represented the Gean family.  The Geans were severely injured when a semi-truck driver rear-ended them on Interstate 57 in Williamson County, Illinois. Acuity Insurance Company insured the at-fault trucking company. Acuity claimed its policy limit was only $1,000,000.00 and we contended it was as much as $21,000,000.00. Acuity tried to get the Court to let them out of the case by paying only $1,000,000.00 into the Court registry and to allow the Court to distribute that money. We objected to that and instead claimed that Acuity had to pay $21,000,000.00 into Court if it wanted to eliminate its liability.  After complex procedural fighting, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with my position and ruled in favor of my client. This decision created significant changes to the nation-wide law on this issue.
  • Eyster v Conrad, Fifth District Court of Appeals (January 2020). This case involved the application of an archaic law known as the Dead Man’s Act. In short, the defense was using the law to argue that my injured client could not have his trial. The Jackson County Circuit Court agreed with the defense and threw our case out. We appealed to the Appellate Court and the Appellate Court agreed with our position. The Appellate Court told the Circuit Court it was wrong and told the court to give us our day in court. This appeal made some very significant changes to how the Dead Man’s Act can be applied.



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