Most Common Road Hazards in Illinois

Published on Apr 16, 2020 at 7:21 pm in Car Accidents.

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Driving anywhere requires your full attention, and Illinois is no different. Whether you’re in the city or a more rural area, you’re bound to come across some road hazards in our state. Even though you can’t avoid road hazards, you can be more prepared for them just by being aware that they exist. If you get into an auto wreck because of a road hazard, you might want to file a claim against whoever caused that obstruction from negligence.

Depending on the type of road hazard that caused your car accident, you could have a suit against a private company or the government. Either entity can be intimidating to be up against, which is why you’ll want Prince Law Firm in your corner. Our car accident lawyer can help you fight against the negligent party who caused your collision and get you the compensation that you deserve for your damages.

What to Look Out for On the Road

Any driver with experience knows that you have to stay vigilant while driving for many reasons, including unexpected road hazards. When driving through Illinois, you can be more prepared for road hazards by being informed of what you can commonly expect. Here are some of the most common road hazards in Illinois:

  • Potholes. If you’re not careful, deep potholes can cause flat tires, bent axles, and many other damages. If you can swerve without leaving your lane, then attempt to navigate your wheels around the pothole so that your car isn’t damaged. Sometimes you cannot avoid it, though, so hopefully you are moving quickly enough that your wheel glides over the top without dipping into the pothole.
  • Animal crossings. Animals are unpredictable. On average, animal crossing accidents cause about 100,000 injuries per year. In Illinois, we have a large deer population, so collisions with deer are most common. Even on city streets, stay vigilant, don’t speed, and leave enough room for you to brake if an animal jumps into the road.
  • Pedestrians. Sharing the roads with pedestrians, cyclists, and e-scooters might be more common in cities, like Chicago, but they can be a serious distraction and hazard on any road. While they usually have the right to be in the road, you still need to be vigilant for rogue pedestrians who are not following the rules. Make sure to follow the speed limit and stay alert for pedestrians and others who share the road, especially in cities.
  • Construction. Road closures and road work being done can be a hazard while you’re driving. Before going on a road trip or even driving across town, you can find lists of road closures from the Illinois Department of Transportation so you are prepared for any hazard.
  • Windy roads. In more rural parts of Illinois, the roads can become windy and more dangerous to drive on if you’re not being completely careful. If you’re on a rural road, especially if it’s your first time driving on that road, you should maintain the speed limit and watch for signs that designate the shape of the road in case there are any sharp curves that can be dangerous if you’re not being careful.

How You Can Avoid Road Hazards in Illinois

Preparing for road hazards can help prevent you from getting into a car accident in Illinois. Planning your trip ahead of time and researching any construction that might be happening is a great way to avoid road hazards while driving. The Illinois Department of Transportation provides travel information for anyone driving through our state so they can be prepared for road closures or any other emergency alerts.

Drivers can also look into the weather forecast to find out if any severe weather is predicted to come through your planned route. Then you can plan accordingly to avoid any bad weather that can easily become a road hazard.

At Prince Law Firm in Marion, we know that a car accident can come out of nowhere and change your life. When another party was responsible for your injuries and damages, you shouldn’t have to deal with the financial stresses they can cause. Our experienced car accident lawyer will help determine the amount of compensation that you deserve and work tirelessly to recover that for you.

You should be able to focus on recovery and spending time with your family, so we will cover the legal side of things for you. Reach out to our office today so that we can start discussing your next steps to peace of mind.



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