Why Are Motorcycle Accidents So Deadly?

Published on Jan 10, 2019 at 6:47 pm in Motorcycle Accidents.

Many people enjoy riding motorcycles. For some, it’s their preferred mode of transportation. Other people ride motorcycles as a hobby. The unique sense of independence and experience of a bike is much different than a car. Motorcycles are easier to maneuver and are generally more agile. But motorcyclists are considerably more exposed to danger than other motor vehicle operators. Accidents involving a motorcyclist can often cause serious trauma or death. Those who have been injured can get help from Prince Law Firm.

When you need serious attentive medical care, you’re probably facing a long road to recovery, and may be worrying about how you’re going to afford your expenses and when you’re going back to work. With our help, your settlement will help you afford these costs so you can recover in peace.

The Facts About Motorcycle Wrecks

The 2015 Traffic Safety Facts from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) puts numbers to the often harmful consequences of a motorcycle wreck.

  • There were 4,976 motorcyclists killed in accidents.
  • 88,000 motorcyclists were injured.
  • The majority of these accidents occurred on non-interstate principal arterial roads at 30 percent.
  • 10 percent of wrecks happened on interstates.
  • 2,761 of the 5,076 motorcyclists involved in fatal crashes involved collision with motor vehicles that were in transport.
  • 33 percent of motorcyclists that were in fatal crashes were speeding.
  • Fatal collisions were more likely to happen with fixed objects.

To understand the danger surrounding motorcycle wrecks, it’s important to know what puts the operator at such high risk in a collision.

Breaking Down Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle wreck involves many factors that make them dangerous. There’s an interaction with a person on a motorcycle and either another motor vehicle, another person, or a fixed object like a tree.

The NHTSA reported on the anatomy of a motorcycle crash and helped identify what happens during a motorcycle crash and why they often result in serious injury or fatality.

Car Vs. Motorcycle

In an accident that involves a car and a motorcycle, the differences in the vehicles already put the motorcyclist in danger. Motorcycles offer little to no protection to their riders, while cars have a variety of safety features: Seat belts, airbags, and the added protection of the car’s body. With these in place, people in the car can still be injured, but there are measures that keep them from getting the full force of the crash.

Motorcyclists are commonly ejected off their vehicle. They may hit other objects in their way and also will hit the ground.

The most motorcyclists can do is wear protective gear like helmets, thick, long-sleeved jackets and pants, gloves, and boots. But that’s also putting a lot of faith into the gear that one is wearing. Motorcycle gear can be expensive, and those who don’t want to purchase specific motorcycle gear may still wear long-sleeved clothing, but that may not be enough to prevent injuries like road rash.

If the skin isn’t protected, the friction from the ground or pavement against the skin can result in serious burns. Debris from the road can also break the skin and get into the wound, which could possibly cause infection. Burns usually need medical treatment.

Regardless of what the motorcyclist is wearing, they can still suffer from traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and other forms of severe trauma with high impact crashes. Some injuries may cause permanent disability or prevent you from doing your work. These injuries are often referred to as catastrophic injuries and can completely change your life. You may need continual care in forms of physical therapy, medication, or you may also require medical equipment to help you remain mobile. You need someone by your side that you can trust in these times. Prince Law Firm is here for you.

Have You Been Injured?

A negligent driver can make a split-second poor driving decision or a mistake that results in serious consequences for another. We know that your injuries weren’t your fault and you shouldn’t have to figure out how you’re going to afford all of it by yourself. Our motorcycle accident lawyers will examine your case and determine what happened, how the other party was negligent, and how it affected you.

Prince Law Firm will hold the other party accountable for their actions and make sure you get the justice you deserve. You shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s mistakes. To get started on your case, give us a call today for a free consultation.





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