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Most employers are conscientious about preventing injuries in the workplace, but no matter how many precautions they may take, workplace accidents inevitably occur. While certain kinds of industries such as construction or mining may carry a high risk of injury, even seemingly safe office jobs carry risk: falling on a slippery floor and breaking a wrist may put a desk-bound employee out of commission for weeks. If you have been hurt in the workplace, an experienced work injury attorney can help you obtain any benefits to which you may be entitled. The Carbondale workers’ compensation lawyers at the Prince Law Firm have over two decades of experience assisting Illinois workers obtain restitution for their work injuries.

Work Injury Facts

The Economic Policy Institute, a Washington-based think tank, has calculated that workers of all types suffer nearly 23,000 injuries daily in the United States. This amounts to 8.5 million injuries annually, 5,000 of which result in death. Further, even more illnesses than injuries occur in the workplace, leading to the deaths of 53,000 workers yearly.

Because workplace injuries and illnesses are so common, most states, including Illinois, have enacted workers’ compensation laws. However, obtaining full recovery for your work injury—either through workers’ compensation or alternative means—is not always easy. Like all such programs, the laws can be confusing and riddled with paperwork and technicalities.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation

Illinois has had some form of workers’ compensation law in effect since 1912, although it has changed dramatically over the years. The current law that governs workers’ compensation is called the Workers’ Compensation Act, and it is administered by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Illinois’ program requires all employers to obtain workers’ compensation insurance policies from a private carrier (or, they may self-insure if they meet certain qualifications). The premium amounts paid by employers are determined by the Commission, and depend upon how a business is classified and the number of employees who fall under specific job classifications.

The workers’ compensation program applies whenever an employee is injured or contracts a disease that is a direct result of employment, regardless of cause. In order to make a claim, injuries must be reported immediately to the employer. Failure to report an injury and to work through the insurer can result in forfeiture of any workers’ compensation benefits. Depending upon the injury, workers’ compensation may cover:

  • Medical expenses;
  • Temporary, partial, or permanent disability benefits;
  • Job retraining (if applicable);
  • Ongoing medical care or therapy; and,
  • For a worker who is killed, death benefits to survivors.

Pursuing a Workers’ Compensation Claim Can Be Challenging

Not every workers’ compensation case is clear-cut and straightforward. Unfortunately, many problems can arise: a claim may be filed incorrectly, leading to delays and other problems, or an insurer may dispute the extent or type of injury, leading to a denial of your claim, and forcing you to seek a remedy before the Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Further, while the purpose of the workers’ compensation program is to preclude the need, expense, risk, and trouble of filing a civil suit, there are circumstances under which workers’ compensation will not provide the only or a sufficient remedy. For example, if your work injury was caused by a defective piece of equipment, you may be able to pursue a civil suit against the manufacturer of the equipment in addition to obtaining workers’ compensation benefits.

Helping You Recover Compensation for Your Work Injury

If you need advice about what your rights and remedies are after being hurt at work, or if you need legal representation to pursue a claim, consult a lawyer with experience handling work injury and workers’ compensation claims. At the Prince Law Firm, our Southern Illinois work injury attorneys know how to help the victims get the compensation they need to truly cover the costs of the work injuries they have suffered. Contact us at 618.997-2111 or use the online contact form to set up a free, no-obligation consultation. It will cost you nothing, but it will give you peace of mind to know whether you are utilizing every opportunity to obtain complete recovery for your work accident. We serve clients throughout Carbondale, Herrin, Murphysboro, Harrisburg, Marion, Benton, and other local communities. And remember: we collect no fees unless and until we obtain damages on your behalf. Call us today.

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