What Types of Collisions Occur on Interstate 57 in Illinois?

Published on Feb 27, 2020 at 8:04 pm in Car Accidents.

Long stretch of road

Most drivers in Marion use I-57 on a regular basis. While it may allow some drivers to avoid city traffic and get on a road that’s a straight shot to their destination, there are also additional dangers with taking the interstate. Not only will there be city traffic, other drivers passing through Illinois may take this road, including large vehicles like trucks. When drivers don’t pay attention to the road, they can cause accidents. Since interstates typically have more vehicles traveling at high speeds, innocent drivers can sustain serious injuries. Let’s take a look at some of the accidents that have occurred on I-57.

I-57 Accidents

There were a couple of recent incidents where people exited their vehicles and were hit by other motorists. On February 3rd, 2020, one woman exited her vehicle around 2:30 a.m. on Interstate 57. She began walking when she was hit by an SUV. The SUV driver sustained minor injuries and was taken to the hospital and the passenger wasn’t injured. Another case happened where a man got out of his vehicle on the left shoulder. He was standing when a driver lost control of their vehicle and hit him.

Interstates can also bring out the worst in some drivers. When people are surrounded in traffic and just want to get to their destination, they can become angry at the other drivers around them. Typically, this can result in road rage. A recent woman was arrested for driving while wielding a baseball bat out of the open driver’s window. She exited her vehicle and hit the hood of the car behind her. The people in the car then got out and a brawl ensued.

While traffic can make any driver tense, it’s imperative in these moments to remain calm and stay alert. Drivers need to be cautious and courteous to avoid accidents and keep traffic moving. When drivers become angry, their thoughts about driving safely are pushed from their mind. They refocus on getting back at the other driver. This could happen at the cost of an accident where they injure another person because they lost their temper.

What Factors Contribute to Accidents on I-57

After an accident occurs, you’ll need to find out how it happened. Some of the following factors may have been present in your accident as they were in the ones mentioned above:

  • Poor Visibility
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Unfocused Driving

The accidents that involved drivers exiting their vehicles and were then struck happened when visibility was low. At night, drivers are limited to their headlights. While they may be looking for larger objects like other cars, they will have much more trouble seeing a person. Since they’re on the interstate, by the time they see a person they may not have time to slow down or maneuver the car to avoid an accident.

Aggressive driving involves tailgating, speeding, and can also include road rage. All these factors increase the chance of a collision. Also, if one driver is being aggressive, honking their horn repeatedly, or yelling at other drivers, they’re creating a situation that could lead to other drivers getting angry as well. These heated situations can result in people exiting their vehicles, which is extremely dangerous on an interstate.

Unfocused driving can be when drivers are looking at something other than the road, like scenery or even another accident. They could even be looking at the road but their mind is elsewhere—like making a grocery list or thinking about what they need to do when they get home. When a driver isn’t focused, they may not notice a car stopping in front of them or another vehicle changing lanes, which could cause a collision.

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